James Roberts – Zip Linear

The session was a 48hr session on my syndicate Farriers’s where at first I had a good walk round to find some fish snuck out the way in the bottom corner of the lake. After sitting in the swim for half an hour I saw multiple show and a few fish cruising about on the surface so that was it I was jumping in the first high bank swim. After setting up my bivvy it was time to find some spots and as I’d fished the swim before I knew of a spot at 11 wraps but the trouble was the fish was a lot further over to the corner so with no one fishing in peg 30 I decided to fish a bit further out and found a lovely hard spot at 14.5 wraps.

With the spots found it was time to decide what rig to present on the spot and as I’d never fished the spot before I decided to go with the Ronnie rig with a lovely 12mm pink nutrine pastel popup over quite a large bed of ultranut whole and chopped boilies glugged in the liquid cloud and ultranut glug.

The first night came and went with no action which surprised as there was a rake of fish there still but I stuck at it because that’s where the fish was so there was no point in moving. After midday past I decided to get the rods in and go for a walk to clear my head. After a really nice walk around the lake I still felt the first high bank swim was my best chance of a bite so I got the rods back out on the spot and chucked out a couple of extra spombs on the spots just to freshen them up with a bit of fresh bait.

The second night came and went but still no action so then I was wondering if I had made the rite choice staying in the same swim so after a cup of coffee and my tail between my legs the slow pack up began. With everything on the barrow only the rods remained then all of a sudden the right hand rod burst into action and I was on it like a shot but as soon as I picked up the rod the fish had managed to find a big weed bed just behind the the spot so I made the decision to place the rod back on the rest (yea I know barbless hooks but it’s worked for me in the past ) after 20 minutes with no movement I noticed one of the bailiffs (Trevor) walking round the lake so I give him a shout to grab the boat. As Trev launched the boat it wasn’t long before he was directly over the weeded fish and as he started pulling on the line the fish came free and I was back playing the fish but as soon as I started playing the fish he decided to bury himself in the in another weed bed so I shouted back over to try to stay in the boat, again the fish was freed from the weed but as I was playing the the fish he the made his way the the margin line and got himself stuck in a tree so by this point I was sure the fish was off but i shouted back over to Trev for the third time to help free the fish and after untangling the line from the trees I managed to steer the fish into the net to notice it was a zip linear which I had been deeming about catching for nearly 5 years. I couldn’t believe it this amazing fish was in the bottom of my landing net so I called my mate back who had just left to share this moment with me and take some photos and the rest is history