James Roberts Horseshoe

So I decided to go fishing on the Easter bank holiday so decided to leave work early on the Thursday afternoon and headed to linear fisheries but after a long walk round B1 B2 and hardwick smiths there was nothing available that I really fancied.

So I decided to make the 35 minute drive to horseshoe.

On arrival I knew straight away it was busy so I started walking round winter bay straight away with my kit
To ensure a peg. As I started walking round I met my good friend Josh Dyer and he said it was looking very quiet in winter bay so I decided to leave my kit with josh and wonder on further down the bank .

As I was walking down the bank I noticed a bloke in peg 35 hold a fish for a picture which turned out to be the party fish at 38lb.

After standing in the swing congratulating the bloke on his capture I noticed loads of fish breaking the surface so I wasted no time in going back to white post to get my kit.

After setting up my bivvy and the rest of my kit I thought for some strange reason to put all 3 rods on the bottom and put a load of bait out but it turned out to be a mistake because the next morning after the sun came out the fish returned and was cruising with there backs out the water so I knew straight away the mistake I made so I tied 2 zigs up quick time one 10ft and a 9ft zigs sprayed with the almond special spritz .

Not long after getting the rods out a fellow CR team member Joe Beaverstock and his dad Nick rang me to see if horseshoe was busy which it was but there was still pegs available near or on fish.
After having a quick wonder Joe and his dad decided to plot up next to me for a social which turned out to a wicked social with loads of food Cooked by young Joe and a couple of ciders drank.

After the bloke to my right decide to leave I knew I had to get my zigs over there so I cast my 2 zigs in the zone where I saw a couple of fish show and at 8:30 that night the middle rod was away and an epic battle started with the fish deciding to take out the other 2 rods and making 5 massive bursts away from me stripping loads of line of the reel, so with loads I line tangled around my 10ft hooklink the fish decided it would be a good idea to make his way round a massive branch so he was now tangled around that as well as all my other rods but Joe saw an opportunity and scooped the fish in the net.

How I got that fish in I was  I will never know but I was lucky I had the help I did for Joe and his dad, so with the fishing resting in the net I set up the camera equipment ready for some filming, after getting some real decent shots of the lovely 27.10lb mirror the fish was returned and the mammoth task of untangling my 3 rods was underway which took nearly an hour, after getting the rods back out and now all 3 rods was on zigs also sprayed with the almond special spritz at 5 am the right hand rod was away but a quick fight and the fish was in the net with a lovely 17lb mirror.

So after getting the fish back it had to be time for a coffee which gave me some time to get some more filming done but the fish had different ideas while setting up the GoPro for bit cam then doing a piece to the main camera the left had rod was away which I caught on the GoPro, the fight began and again the fish decided to take out the other 2 rods but not as bad this time thankfully.

With the fish in the net Joe said your not going to believe this but the fish had 2 of my zigs hooked in the mouth year that’s right 2 zigs hooked in the mouth what are the odds of that, but I was happy with the 26.8 lb mirror resting in the net so some quick pics and a bit of filming the fish was returned to its watery home and that was the end of the season and time to go home what a great trip and one that I will never forget