Chris Notley


Name – Chris Notley

Location – Cornwall

Fave Venue – Par Back Lake in Essex

Uk PB Common – 27.6lbs (Still pisses me off !!)

UK PB Mirror – 35.8lbs

Overseas PB Common – 38.8lbs

Overseas PB Mirror – 38.8lbs

Fave CR Product – Dumbell Wafters (Best Wafters I’ve used, sit just perfect with no need for putty)


I have been fishing since I was 7 years old and like most people I started off on small match lakes, moving on to specimen carp fishing at 15. My fishing is mainly quick over nighters or 24 hours if I’m lucky, unless of course I’ve manged to get an away trip in further afield or abroad, where I look to get a lot more time in. This means that generally when I get to the bank I have very limited time to get my rods on their spots before dark, knowing that I have  a great bait behind me in CR, gives me the confidence needed when I am quite literally looking for 1 bite, before I’ve got to go back to work. I’m looking forward to being involved with CR Baits this year and the new quality products that are soon to be released.